Control of algae

Our company is the representative of the company WaterIQ Technologies™ ( for Uruguay and Argentina. 

WaterIQ Technologies™ water treatment solutions control algae and biofilm to help restore water ecosystems to their natural states through industry-leading technology and customer care, without the use of chemicals.

Ultrasonic treatment is a very effective, cost-conscious, eco-friendly and sustainable way of controlling algae and aid in returning bodies of water to their natural state. WaterIQ Technologies’ solutions are the most advanced and reliable on the market. Plus they are easy to use and backed by excellent support.

This technology is suitable for different types of water bodies, whether they are recreational, water supply for irrigation, and for animals or human consumption.

We also offer real-time water monitoring systems, which allows precise information on dozens of parameters that are available via web at any device. Being able to program alarms and see historical values.