Other products

Given our knowledge of large volume and bulk logistics, in recent years we have been marketing a large number of products, such as: 

  • Quicklime for chemical use, calcitic and dolomitic.
  • Hydrated lime.
  • Soda Ash.
  • Limestone.
  • Dolomite.
  • Gypsum.
  • Dissolvent.

Furthermore, given the needs of its clients and supported by its strong insertion in international markets, Carbosur SAIC develops the search, commercialization and supply of unusual raw materials in its line, thus achieving compliance with the requirements raised by our clients. 

Our specialty is to solve these situations, from providing the product to its placement in the client’s factory. 

In this activity, CARBOSUR's goal is to help our clients find the optimal solution in each case.

Dedicated to solving problems that with customized actions arise, developed jointly with a specialized technical support, we provide the specific design and equipment for each need.