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About Us

We are a group of professionals specialized in the commercialization and logistics of raw materials.

Our professional team had its training in base industries and it is specialized in the development of logistics solutions in order to obtain the necessary products with quality, quantity and delivery in timely manner to each client. 

Our extensive logistics experience allows us to coordinate and work with different types of transport by road, rail, river, air and sea.

Our experience has linked us throughout time with the main producers of raw materials in the region, as well as from other continents; this allows us to have highly reliable products in terms of quality and delivery times.

Our professionals focus on identifying the needs and expectations of each client, providing them with a comprehensive service, and paying special attention to their specific requirements, thus guaranteeing the supply of the necessary raw materials, an activity on which our focus is.

Our experience and objectives

We have always adapted to the volume of each market and to the characteristics of each economy of scale, seeking the optimal solution in each case.

Therefore, we have carried out operations combining maritime, road and rail transport in compliance with bulk supply contracts.

We also work with overseas ships full cargo or part cargo, as well as with loads in containers, and consolidated cargo when quantities so require. 

We continue to operate in the Río de la Plata basin, with product marketing operations along the Río de la Plata-Paraná River-Paraguay River and the Río de la Plata-Uruguay River lines. 

Clients are our priority, since we are aware that the continuity of the activity in an industry often depends on the quality of our service; which is why our work philosophy is to provide a fast, agile and efficient service.

We provide our clients with comprehensive guidance, making our team of widely experienced professionals at their disposal, providing knowledge about the use and applications of each product, complying with the highest quality standards of pre and post-sale services. 

Environment and CSR

Corporate social responsibility
Carbosur SAIC is a company operating in the national and international market, and it has identified the potential in the companies contributing to Sustainable Development.

It is our understanding that a competitive company must operate as a social actor committed to social, environmental, and economic development. 

We managed to increase awareness and incitement in the entire staff, formalizing a regular survey of the company’s current situation regarding CSR that allows us to begin to strengthen current activities and move forward in new projects. 

Carbosur SAIC is committed to caring for the environment, carrying out all its operations in accordance with the regulations of each country. 

Each operation is studied in detail under ethical environmental concepts in order to preserve the environment from any possible action of our processes.

Especially in Uruguay, we follow the guidelines of the National Directorate for the Environment, under the Ministry of Environment. Given the characteristics of the products that we commercialize, we have acted with this organization in different areas, focusing on bulk managing.